Getting started with your new Earth Sheltered home

Deciding on a plan

Design your home. How big of a home? Your budget? Will this design work with your lot? Choosing your General contractor? Your excavator? 

Getting in the EST build schedule.

Once you have decided on a plan, we will work with you on your plan till it is exactly how you want it, we will then give you a price break down of the structure you desire. The next step is placing a secured deposit with EST so that you can be placed in our building schedule. The deposit it 100% refundable.

The next step

You will need to go to your building department to apply for a building permit. They will inform you of what else is needed to do so. Once you have your permit in had we will coordinate a start date.

The process of what we do

Excavated Site

Prior to EST's arrival you will have your site excavated +- 1 inch.


Once we arrive we will begin setting up footings.

Setting up the First Module/ Dome

After the footings have been poured we will begin setting up the first Module.

The process of what we do

First Module / Dome

The first Module / Dome is set to be poured.

Pouring the First Module / Dome

After the pour

This is the raw concrete after the panels have been pulled. 

The process of what we do

Setting up the rest of the structure.

The finished basic structure after all the pours.

The raw structure before waterproofing. 

The front face of the home

EST is now complete with the basic structure of the home. You can now begin finishing your exciting new Earth Sheltered Home.

Waterproofing, insulation and drain tile

Sealing the burring concrete

Stage 1. Sealing the buried concrete and placing drain tile along the footings. This portion of the home will be covered with earth by your hired excavator.


Insulating the home.

Waterproof liner.

The liner is now in place and the home is ready to be covered to its final grade. You will then need to have a cap put on your parapet wall to seal the home.

What is done after EST has completed the Basic Structure


Sub-floor HVAC. Heated floors if you'd like. 

Poured Concrete Floor

Concrete floors have been poured.


Plastering over the rough concrete walls and ceiling.

Interior framing

Framing up your interior.

Finished Interior

Finished interior.

Finished Exterior

Finished exterior.