Benefits of an Earth Sheltered Technology home

Abundant of Natural Light

Your home will have more natural lighting than a conventional home. If you feel that all earth sheltered homes are dark, damp and dreary, you have a real surprise coming. Call Us!

Energy Efficency

Save up to 80% on heating and cooling. Because the earth remains at a constant temperature in the 50-60's, your earth sheltered home can utilize passive solar, with no gadgets needed. Our homes will never drop below 50 to 55 degrees F in mid-winter with absolutely no heat other than the passive solar and the natural heat from the ground.

Storm Resistant

Safe from Fires, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and whatever else mother nature can throw at this structure.

Long Lasting

Constructed of Concrete and reinforced steel, these earth sheltered homes will last well over 100 years. Earth home. Underground home

Little or No Maintenance

This means less expense and more time for the family. If you use clad windows and doors and stone, stucco or brick the exterior, you should have little or no maintenance on the home for a lifetime or so. 

Technology Advanced Design

With our air handling system such things as sweating walls, mildew growth, and stale air are eliminated, and any traces of radon are expelled with the air changes.

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